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Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Sun Feb 18 01:04:40 GMT 2001

David Rankin wrote:
> Second Post, Some initial responses, but I need more concrete
> information. If anybody has additional information, please give me your
> thoughts..
> I currently have a Linux box with Samba 2.07 serving a Win95, two Win98s
> and
> a WinME machine. The install is a Mandrake 7.2 server install on the
> Linux
> box. Right now I have all my machines using static IP's
> (11,12&13). My smb.conf "name reslove order" = wins lmhosts host bcast.
> I
> want to use DHCP and get rid of the static IP's.  I have samba as my
> wins
> server and each of my machines is listed in lmhost and host. I have each
> of
> my Win9x machines listing the other Win9x machines and the Linux box as
> servers (not sure about this one, but --  My net runs great!)
> I need advise on how to make the transition to DHCP. I have read the
> and I am confortable with dhcpd and the dhcp.conf entries and
> dhcp.leases
> files. What I need to know is what in the heck do I do with the lmhosts
> and
> hosts files when I start using DHCP to prevent name resolution
> conflicts???
> Do I just edit the files and remove the static entries? Can I just
> remove
> the entries from lmhosts and hosts for one of my machines, start DHCP
> and
> use the machine with no entries in lmhosts and hosts as my test machine
> for
> This is all being contemplated in anticipation of adding cable modem
> service
> to my office which will be distributed to all machines through a Linksys
> cable/dsl router that also does DHCP and NAT. Do I even need to move to
> before I add the router? The Linksys does DHCP, do I even need to
> configure
> my Linux box to do DHCP? What I don't want to happen is to add the
> router
> and switch to DHCP and have my Win9x boxes not be able to access my
> samba
> server.
> I need help! What would you do in this situation?
> David Rankin
> drankin at

The way I run all my networks is to install DHCP 3.0b2 from
(or the RPM from Mandrake's Cooker if they are up to date) and run it as
a Dynamic DNS server (ie setup a DNS domain for your office, and have
DHCP dynamically update it).  I never use hosts/lmhosts files, and I use
Samba's WINS server with its 'dns proxy' option.  I would not use the
DHCP server on your Linksys, but give it a static IP and list it as the
default route out of your network.

Hope this helps,
Andrew Bartlett

Andrew Bartlett
abartlet at

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