Mount of Linux file share on a Unixbox

Tim Lazaro tlazaro at
Fri Feb 16 21:45:37 GMT 2001

I have Samba on the Linux box and on the Unixbox. Both of the units can
be seen by about 45 Windows pc's and files go back and forth with no
difficulty. I am trying to backup the Linux files using tar to a backup
tape connected to the  Unix (Sun Solaris) network and file server. I
have nfs on the Unix and the Linux systems. I have given up with the tar
command - now I am trying to mount the Linux file onto the Unix box. I
figure in this way I can easily backup the files. If I issue the command
"showmount -e linuxboxname" on the Unix box I see the the file share on
the Linux system. I can't seem to mount it. I log in as the owner of the
fileshare and a user that is known on both systems. I have modified the
.rhosts file in the root directory of the Unix box. I can telnet or
rlogin with no problem from each machine to the other - I can ping -
they see eachother no problem. When I try to mount I get no permission
to do this or It can't find the file system.
I am fresh out of ideas. I would definitely appreciate any help .

Thanks     Tim Lazaro
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