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Martin A. Marques martin at
Fri Feb 16 19:11:44 GMT 2001

I'm working on a system that would look like this:
3 Linux servers, 1 doing masquerade, the other 2 inside.
2 Windows NT Servers in the private net
1 Windows 3.11 for workgroups in the private net

What I want is to authenticate all passwords on one machine, so the password 
would be save on one server, and not diseminated on each machine.
Now I was thinking about doing this with Linux and Samba 2.0.5, but I had 
lots of  problems, and it never worked. Then I heard that samba didn't 
support yet being a PDS.
So I ask: Is it posible to do what I wrote above with Linux, and how.

Saludos... ;-)

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