MS Word files disappearing

"Michalski, Rafał" RMichalski at
Fri Feb 16 15:26:36 GMT 2001

Hello All

Let me report some disastrous behavior of the daemon.
Under several circumstances, W9x-accessed MS Word files can disappear
from the Samba share without warning.

Our share has Unix group named nss as its valid users.
When a domain user mapping to Unix user rafal:nss 
and working under W95 opens file say file.doc with Unix permissions
-rw-rw---- owned by marcin:nss, 
Word 2000 creates temporary file ~file.doc with permissions -rwxrw----
(archive bit is set) on the share.
User makes some changes to the document, then tries to save.
Gets Retry/Cancel dialog that states Word could not save the document.
At this moment, another temporary file with extension .tmp 
permissions -rwxrw-r-- rafal:nss
can be observed on the share.
The user cancels dialog, document still opened in Word.
Tries to close the document,
Word claims changes not saved, but assuming
changes unimportant, the user decides to close anyway.
Now also the original document file.doc DISAPPEARS FROM SHARE.

We did not observe this phenomenon when accessing documents from WinNT.
Also, setting archive bit on the original file file.doc helps avoid the

Our share is configured as follows.
Let me signal that this create mask/security mask combo fails to prevent
modifying archive bit from Windows NT - why?

   comment = DNO/CIT/NSS common files
   path = /export/nss
   writable = yes
   valid users = @nss
   create mask = 0764
   security mask = 0677
   directory mask = 0775
   inherit permissions = yes

Rafal Michalski

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