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Charles Williams ( CEO ACNS ) cwilliams at
Fri Feb 16 13:03:28 GMT 2001

WOW!  Thanks for the response on my page (didn't think it would go over that
good. hehe).  Nice to know so many of you like the design (not mine though.
hehe.  It's called "Harpia" and it's free.  If you'd like more info let me
know).  The content of course will grow as more people contribute.  There
have been 2 questions that really seem to be more prolifant than any other
at this time though.

1. Why should I register?  The answer is simple really.  This is my
personnal site.  I feel that a persons personnal site is, in part, an
extension of thier home and thus deserves respect.  I love the thought of
people sharing ideas.  However, the thought of people sharing rude comments
and such does not appeal to me.  I would not allow such actions in my home,
thus, I won't allow them on my site.  Everyone that visits my site deserves
the same respect that they would recieve in my home.  By registering you are
helping me protect your respect while on my site.  Anyone that is rude, and
after being warned, does not cease such behaviour will have thier account
suspended.  If after the suspension is lifted and it happens again they will
have thier account disabled, thus, saving the rest of us the need to forge
through unneccesary crap.  If you are making a valid argument you need have
no fear.  It is the rude and vulgar comments that will not be tolerated
only.  Also, there is no need to worry about being put on an email list.
The email addy you provide is just to ensure that you recieve your account
info only.  If you hadn't noticed there are no commercial ads on my site.  I
would like to keep it so. hehe.  I hate banner ads myself and will not use
them.  I will provide links to certain sites and will post others links if
appropriate, but only in the links area and other pertainent areas.

2. WHERE THE HELL DO I SIGN UP AT?  Sorry, for the confusion.  Here is the
addy for signups:
There are links available on the main page, but they seem to be a little too
small.  They will be enlarged and an extra link will be posted to help
remedy the situation.

Note:  There seems to be a slight problem with the logon script on the main
page.  In some cases the login is not successful and you will need to login
a second time.  Am looking into the problem and it will, hopefully, be fixed

Also, have added an area for you folks looking to sell your excess cobalt
equipment.  The url is:
This area is for personnal use.  I don't wish to see a bunch of spam ads.
If you have equipment that is extra and you are offering a good deal please
feel free to post.


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