Samba, 2000 and 98

Mike Loiterman grantadler at
Thu Feb 15 20:49:58 GMT 2001

I have Redhat 7 running on my linux box and I have a 2000 machine and
several 98 machines.  I would like all machines to be able to see and write
files to each other.  I can write files from my 2000 machine to linux
without any problem as long as I just hit return when try to log on.  I have
not been able to set up an account on linux and log in.  I cannot figure out
why.  I have not been able to mount any of the windows machines from the
linux box.  It keeps asking for a mount point but I'm not sure what that is.
I have been typing: smbmount //machine/folder I want to access and it says
"Cannot resolve mount point".  When ever I try to access the linux machine
from any of the 98 machines it asks for the password for IPC$.  This is not
an account on any of my machines so I don't really understand where this is
coming from.  Thanks for the help

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