Mandrake and xinetd/inetd issues

Penn, Lee lee.penn at
Thu Feb 15 16:09:07 GMT 2001

I was searching for help on Mandrake's site and got nowhere other than
seeing this really weird help-page loop where it showed the pages you could
go to, BUT would not show any information from the page....  Just use the
search from to see this strangeness....  No helpful...

Anyway.. trying to run drakconf and startup services to start either inetd
or xinetd seems to be futile, the selection of these items to automatically
start is rejected....  agravating to say the least.

Anyway, accessing anything with regard to Samba is futile without inetd or
xinetd running.  Having to manually start them makes no sense.

Where have I screwed up???

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