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David Collier-Brown davecb at
Thu Feb 15 14:58:06 GMT 2001

"David W. Chapman Jr." wrote:
> I'm not sure what type of network problems I would have since ftp works fine
> up and down.  Its 100mbps hub, all 3com NIC.  FreeBSD 4.2 with a scsi stripe
> set.  But was I said, ftp works fine, only samba gives me problems.

	 used to be problems with 3com cards and free bsd,
	but I don't **think** you have either for them, based
	on the ftp test.

	The only thing that samba does differently than
	ftp is to use a single connection and multiplex
	both commands and data on it. Transferring
	large files with ftp should produce exactly the same
	tcp operations as samb with raw read/write turned on.

	My brain hurts...

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