string overflow by nn in safe_strcpy: request for enhancement

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Thu Feb 15 07:41:07 GMT 2001

Eric Maryniak wrote:
> However, I think that a Samba developer who is 
> knowledgable about the source will know exactly what 
> is happening where. I would suggest increasing the max. 
> length for filenames to 255, because this also seems to be 
> the limit on Windows.


I was just reviewing old mail and found this one from you.


	smb.h:#define FSTRING_LEN 128

The fstring and pstring data types in samba are due 
for an overhaul.  We ackowledge this and have been considering
what to do.  obviously converting from static strings to 
dynamic strings is not a trivial thing.

Just wanted to respond so you didn't think you 
comments got ignored. :-)

CHeers, jerry
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