Newbie: Need help

unix user alowance at
Wed Feb 14 17:53:45 GMT 2001

   I am new to Samba and am trying to install it on a Solaris 8 server
to a NT desktop.  I downloaded the binaries and installed them.  I have
the simplest smb.conf possible.  I can see the shares and and have
testparms, which ran sucessfully.  However, when I try to get to the
share I get an error 67 the network name cannot be found.
    I think it may have to do with the passwds but I have a local
account on the Sun machine and NT and have set encrypted passwd = yes.
    Here is a copy of my test smb.conf:
  encrypt passwords=yes
  netbios name=servername
    I have gotten a few responses, but unfortunately nothing has
worked.  The message I get in the log file is:
[2001/02/14 11:01:06, 0] smbd/service.c:(214)          
  NT_client-name (IP Adress of client) couldn't find service homes
   ANy help would be GREATLY appreciated.  TIA for the help

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