Authenticating a W2K Workstation

Joe Meslovich joe at
Wed Feb 14 15:44:10 GMT 2001

        I have a server running samba 2.2.0 downloaded from the cvs last
thursday. The system is configured as a PDC per David Bannon's HowTo. I
have a W2K workstation. I want to be able to authenticate users who are
in the samba smbpasswd file but not set up as users on the W2K

        I can authenticate and log in as long as the user on the samba
system is also a user on the workstation. I have a user base of roughly
1500, and I do not want to have to manually replicate all of those users
to every public system on my campus.

        I can include a copy of my debugging log to show what happens
when a user that is on the samba server but not workstation tries to log
on to the domain from the workstation. The workstation is joined
to the domain. The workstation returns an error stating that the netlogon
service is not running on this system. Any help that can be rendered would
be greatly appreciated, but I am starting to get the feeling that a user
on the samba PDC also has to be a user on the workstation in order to log

							Thank you,
							Joe Meslovich

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