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Tue Feb 13 18:42:25 GMT 2001

Good morning,
I have some problems to connect my DOS 98 client "pcetud3" and my IRIX server samba 2.0.7 version "etud21"
When I run the command " net view \\etud21 " or "net use x: \\etud21\tmp  on the DOS client a message ask me to enter the 
password of "etud21" ?
I created the same account/password  "pcetud3/pcetud3"  on the DOS client and on the UNIX server. The message in the log.smb is :
rejecting user 'pcetud3' authentication failed.
I see the "etud21" computer in the network windows98, but I can't the shares devices under it.  
What do it mean ?
Thanks you for your help.
Dominique Peudenier. 
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