General visibility in network neighborhood

Oliver Xymoron oxymoron at
Tue Feb 13 16:02:01 GMT 2001

My recent experimentation suggests that Windows does a substantial amount
of caching of network neighborhood information, and seems to ignore things
like netbios name revocations when Samba shuts down, etc. Looking at
packet dumps of Windows and Samba netbios broadcasts suggests their
advertising is identical, and yet I occassionally don't see the Samba
machine I'm playing with listed.

So my question is, should it always be possible for an SMB server to get
itself to show up in a LAN's network neighborhood or should the
occassional non-appearance of a machine be written off as a caching/timing
problem? Is it possible to have done everything right and sometimes not
have your machine show up? Assume no WINS, all clients TCP, no rebooting

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