samba 2.2 printer queues: some questions...

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Mon Feb 12 21:42:36 GMT 2001

Paul Sanders wrote:
> Second:  How many printers should samba be able to host?  

It depends on the server hardware actually.  Samba is 
really just a a spooling service.  It also depnds on the
quanity of jobs you plan to process.  I used to run 
~150 of a Sun Ultra 170 without any really problems.

> I have 74 queues running on a PIII 733 with 386 Mb 
> RAM.  .... queue looks OK from
> linux but shows as paused in NT.  BTW:  NT4 domain, 
> all NT4wkstn clients, and all HP4000\4050\4500\5SI printers - 
> no commonality to the ones stopping. Also, there is no 
> problem with the printers since queues from our exeisting 
> NT print server can still print to them.   Any thoughts?

Hmmm....sounds like timeouts somewhere.  On queues that 
show as paused, what is the output of lpq on the UNIX 

> Third:  I have a problem with making device setting 
> stick if they are set from NT - they only stick if I 
> set them from an Win2K box.  

We've been working on some of this issues recently.  
Stay tuned.

> Fourth:  Does anyone run winbind in a large NT domain?  I 
> am also using winbind from TNG on the same server.  
> Winbind works just fine except for the parts that
> dont work at all.  I am able to see all domain users 
> and can use them in NT ACLs on the printers.  I CANNOT see 
> most of the domain groups. however.  We discovered 
> that running getent group from the command line will 
> produce a seg fault if the winbind GID range is larger 
> than 58 groups [for example, a range of 1000-1057 will let 
> me getent the first 58 groups - a range of 1000-1058 will
> cause a seg fault when getent is run.  My thought is 
> that groups are not available for this reason [seems logical 
> to me, at least...]. BTW, all user show up with with no 
> prob.   Anyone else see this problem?
I've seen this as well now that you mention it.  

Tim, can you reproduce this bug?

Cheers, jerry
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