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Tue Feb 13 03:06:26 GMT 2001

Dear Sir,
I just installed my PC with SCO 5.5 with samba which is dowloaded from website in BIN-PACKAGE. I hope that users can save their document inside their home directory at SCO PC. I can see my SCO PC in network neighborhood using windows explorer, but i found the screen like showing as follow: 

Enter Network Password
You must supply a password to make this connection
Resource: \\SCOSYSV\IPC$
Password :

I have set my windows user equally same with my SCO user, and so the password. I still can not access the user home directory. Any way to solve this problem ?. I try to put the sco password, but it still keep asking the password.
I kept all the smb.conf originally from web-site. The only changes is working group, such us this statement :
# workgroup = NT-Domain-Name or Workgroup-Name
   workgroup = BSI              

Thanks and kind appriciated for your attention
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