Changing netbios name fails

Nik Sands Nik.Sands at
Mon Feb 12 23:51:43 GMT 2001

I'm trying to change the netbios name of one of our SAMBA servers to avoid 
confusion with another server of a similar name.  However, the new name 
does not appear in Windows' "Network Neighbourhood" and is not accessible 
by the run command (\\servername).  In fact the old name still appears in 
the network neighbourhood and is still available via the run command and 
can be used for filesharing successfully.

I've killed all the smbd and nmbd processes and restarted samba, but the 
change still doesn't happen.  What is going wrong.

I'm used to Macintosh systems, where networking changes appear in the 
Chooser almost immediately.  Is this a problem with Windows networking (if 
so, how long should I wait for it to catch up), or with the Samba server?

Any help greatly appreciated.


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