Multiple processes through Samba freezing while one waits for I/O

Bertus Homan Bertus.Homan at
Mon Feb 12 05:47:50 GMT 2001

We have the following problem at a site in South Africa;

If we run a copy process on a NT 4 machine to copy data onto a disk on a SUN
Solaris 2.7 machine, and at the same time start a process on the same NT
machine, which requests data from tape on the Solaris machine, BOTH
processes halt while the tape mount and positioning is taking place and only
resume once data starts flowing from the tape device.

We desperately need  the copy process/es to continue while one waits for I/O
as this halts the application on NT and causes havoc with its internal

We have one drive letter mapped on NT and all processes use the same drive
letter. The application (Kodak Eastman) does NOT allow us to map a different
drive letter for each process.

SUN Solaris 2.7
NT 4.0
SAMBA V2.0.7

Can anyone help?

Bertus Homan
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