Newbie password problem

The Archimage archimage at
Mon Feb 12 05:20:43 GMT 2001

Heya Ted -

Yes, it is possible.  From the smb.conf man page:

unix password sync (G)

     This boolean parameter controls whether Samba attempts to
synchronize the UNIX password with the SMB password when the encrypted
SMB password in the
     smbpasswd file is changed. If this is set to true the program
specified in the "passwd program" parameter is called *AS ROOT* - to
allow the new UNIX password
     to be set without access to the old UNIX password (as the SMB
password has change code has no access to the old password cleartext,
only the new). By default
     this is set to "false". 

     See also "passwd program", "passwd chat". 

     Default: unix password sync = False 

     Example: unix password sync = True 

Hope this helps!
The Archimage

> Ted wrote:
> Is there any way to change both the windows password and the unix
> password at the same time using samba? if so how?
> Thanks.

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