Hostname problem

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Look at the man page for smb.conf - there is a global parameter called
"netbios name=" that you can specify your netbios name that you want your
samba server to be known as.  Note that if this name is not the same as your
host name, that any clients not on the same subnet as the server will have
to have a method of resolving this name to the ip address of your samba
machine.  This could be via lmhosts file, wins or dns server.
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I just installed Samba (latest RPM for Mandrake 7.2) on my linux box.
It was working fine until I rebooted...
The problem is that when I start it, it says "Get_Hostbyname: Unknown host
s098 is my hostname, but not the full. I get this name from a DHCP server.
The full name is

How can I avoid Samba to use this name (and use a fixed one I could create)

thanx in advance

PS: I've looked at the archives but it takes to long, there is no search
engines :/

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