2.2 BUG: .tdb files take all the free space

Ulisses Eduardo Jensen Bittencourt e Silva jensen at engec.com.br
Fri Feb 9 19:49:01 GMT 2001


i'm using 2.2-alpha2 on an Athlon with OpenBSD 2.8. i compiled the source 
from CVS, without any adtional paramter, only "./configure; make; make 
install;" .........  the problem is sometimes, without any new fact i could 
find, the messages.tdb and locking.tdb increase and take all the free space 
left on HD .........  sometimes locking.tdb, and sometimes messages.tdb 
(only one each time). this is an know bug ???

Thank you very much, and keep the VERY good work :)

Ulisses Jensen

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