WinME/Samba problem?

David DeLauro daved at
Fri Feb 9 19:32:18 GMT 2001

> Leo Fox wrote:
>     Hello, I am having a problem with WinME and Samba, andy insight
> you can give is appreciated. Basically I have 5 computers behind a
> router, one of them is running Linux the rest have Windows ME, 98, NT,
> 2000. The Linux computer is running Samba and it works fine except for
> one problem. I can't see or connect to the Linux machine from the
> Windows ME machine, I can see all the other computers' shares fine and
> I can ping the Linux machine no probs, but I can't access the share!
> All the other windows computers(2000, NT, 98) CAN. When I try to
> connect to it directly \\Lin, it simply says "Cannot find '\\Lin',
> check spelling blah blah blah."
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> -Leo

I think I've seen what you are talking about and fixed it with the
following link.  It seems to be an issue with WinME.

Article Q272991

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