Directory permissions

Eric Ralston ericralston at
Thu Feb 8 18:56:58 GMT 2001

I am using samba 2.07 on Solaris 2.7 and this is a
piece of my smb.conf file. The directory works but
when the main user makes three folders deep under his
folder no one can write to it. I have checked the Unix
umask in that directory and it is 000. This should
allow the other users to write in any directory he
creates why is this happening? Oh if I change the
permissions on the directory in Unix they can all work
in it, but I have to do this to ever folder he

   comment = This is for the Finance department
   path = /export/home/dougg/Finance
   valid users = dougg alant fernandod devyanik
   public = no
   writable = yes
   printable = no             

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