FW: fails to change password, FreeBSD

MCCALL,DON (HP-USA,ex1) don_mccall at hp.com
Thu Feb 8 15:49:38 GMT 2001

Hi Alexey,
The initial attachment by smbpasswd to the server is via a null acct; ie a
sessionsetup&x with username=[]; this will invoke smbd to make the session
setup as the guest account; in your smb.conf file, you have the 
"guest account =" set to nothing; so there IS no guest account on your
system, and thus you get the invalid user message.  Set your guest account
to a valid user in your /etc/passwd file (on hpux, we create a user called
smbnull:*:101:20:sambaguest:/home/smbnull/sbin/sh , and our default guest
account = smbnull).
This should resolve the problem.
Hope this helps,


Thanks a lot for your help! Here you are:

> Ok, general stuff is out of the way, except for one thing - the USER you
> are trying to change the password for - does it actually EXIST in your
> /etc/passwd file (or your nis password database, if you are using nis)?

Yes, he (me) exists, he uses SMB services, root changes its password.
I do not use NIS.

>    user.map file from the /usr/local/samba/lib subdirectory, a copy of

I do not have user.map

>    "grep <usernameyouaretryingtochange> /etc/passwd".  Also in your 

kopts:*:126:30:Alexey Koptsevich:/ext/home/kopts:/usr/local/bin/bash

>grep 30 /etc/group

>    message let me know the name of the unix user you are logged in as
>    when the smbpasswd command fails.



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