fails to change password, FreeBSD

Alexey Koptsevich kopts at
Thu Feb 8 13:36:08 GMT 2001


Thank you for explanations! I have added to the 'hosts
allow" field but nothing has changed. I have only one interface, so I left
"interface=" and "bind interfaces only = no". But when I try to
change smbpasswd as user Samba complains

[2001/02/08 16:25:58, 1] smbd/reply.c:reply_sesssetup_and_X(988)
  Username  is invalid on this system

although I actually use SMB services and root can change password.


On Wed, 7 Feb 2001, MCCALL,DON (HP-USA,ex1) wrote:

> Hello Alexey,
> When run as root, smbpasswd actually manipulates the smbpasswd file
> directly; does not need to establish a session with the Samba server.
> When run as any other user, it establishes a session with the Samba server
> to get the password changed.  There are a couple of known problems where if
> you have interfaces = and bind only interfaces = yes in your smb.conf file,
> that the smbpasswd command can fail because it cannot establish a connection
> via the localhost ( loopback.
> This same sort of thing can happen if localhost is not resolvable (ie it is
> not in your /etc/hosts file, or on your dns server)... 
> Or if you have a hosts allow or hosts deny in your global section of
> smb.conf you may also be keeping 'localhost' from accessing samba during
> this phase. You might check these things.
> If you change your global smb.conf parameters log level = 10, and then try
> smbpasswd again, you can look at the resulting log.smb debug file and get a
> better picture of exactly what step is failing.
> Hope this helps,
> Don
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> From: Alexey Koptsevich [mailto:kopts at]
> Sent: Wednesday, February 07, 2001 2:04 PM
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> Subject: fails to change password, FreeBSD
> Hello,
> smbpasswd (ver. 2.0.7) fails to change password if run as regular user,
> although does this if run as root. I use FreeBSD 4.2 RELEASE. Session log:
> > smbpasswd 
> Old SMB password:
> New SMB password:
> Retype new SMB password:
> machine rejected the session setup. Error was : ERRSRV -
> ERRbadpw (Bad password - name/password pair in a Tree Connect or Session
> Setup are invalid.).
> Failed to change password for kopts
> Thanks,
> Alex

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