WINS problems

werner maes werner.maes at
Thu Feb 8 07:28:02 GMT 2001


Is it possible to add some static entries to the WINS database?
We would like to add a few (logon-)server entries to it, when wins 
starts up.


We have several Samba servers who act as logon server on different
subnets for different domains. Each logon server also acts as a local
WINS server.
It doesn't seem possible, not even with the options 'remote announce' or
'remote browse sync' to synchronize the information from the local WINS 
with a central WINS server. For example, the information that states that a
local Samba server acts as a logon server (Netbios Name type 1c) does not
appear in the WINS-database of the central server, only in the 
WINS-database of
the local server.

Any ideas?

Werner Maes

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