Visible but not accessible

Ben Choong Mun Sin benchoong at
Thu Feb 8 02:55:30 GMT 2001


My smb.conf file is as follow:

        # Sets the workgroup to which things will be served
                workgroup = PVCS_SAMBA

	# Turns ON/OFF browse list from this server
		;browse list = yes

        # List of shares that will always appear in browse lists.
                auto services = public

        # Sets the NetBIOS name by which a Samba server is known, or primary

        # name if NetBIOS aliases exist.
                ;netbios name = tpas

        # Adds additional NetBIOS names by which a Samba server will
	# itself. 
                ;netbios aliases = tpas

        # Sets the name that appears beside a server in browse lists.  
        # Variables: v% (Samba version number) and h% (hostname)
                ;server string = TPAS's Samba %v on %L (%h)

        # Sets the comment that appears beside a share in a NET VIEW or the 
        # details list of a Microsoft directory window.
                ;comment = "Samba version %v"

        # Sets a command to run as the user before connecting to the share.
                ;preexec = csh -c 'echo /var/opt/samba -M %m -I %I' &

        # If Yes, logs connections to a file (or shared memory) accessible
        # SMBSTATUS
                ;status = yes

        # Allows a share to be announced in browse lists.
                ;browseable = yes

        # Uses Windows NT-style password encryption.
                ;encrypt passwords = yes

        # If YES, allows access to account that have null passwords.
                ;null passwords = yes

        # Sets password-security policy.  
        # If security=share, services have a shared password, available to 
        # everyone.  
        # If security=user, users have (Unix) accounts and passwords. 
        # If security=server, users have accounts and passwords and a 
        # separate machine authenticates them for Samba.
        # If security=domain, full NT-domain authentication is done.
                security = user

        # Sets the candidacy of the server when electing a browser master.  
        # Used with the DOMAIN MASTER and LOCAL MASTER options.  You can set

        # a higher value than a OS is you want to win.
        # Windows 95/98 uses 1, Windows NT client uses 17, and Windows
        # NT server uses 33.   
                os level = 34

        # Stands for election as the local master browser.
                local master = yes

        # If YES, Samba is preferred to become the master browser.  
        # Causes Samba to call a browsing election when it comes online.
                preferred master = yes

        # Become a domain master browser list collector if possible for the 
        # entire workgroup/domain.
                domain master = yes

        # Allows Windows 95/98 or NT clients to logon to a NT-like domain.

                domain logons = yes

        # Sets the DNS name or IP address of the WINS server.
                ;wins server =

        # If set to YES, and if WINS SERVER=YES, look up hostnames in DNS if

        # they are not found using WINS.
                ;dns proxy = no

        ;comment = "Home Directory for : %u "
        ;path = /%u
        ;guest ok = no
        ;read only = no
        ;create mode = 744
        ;writable = yes
        ;browseable = yes

        comment = "Public File Share"
        path = /samba_share
	writable = yes
	create mode = 0777
        guest ok = yes

        comment = Domain Logon Services
        path = /samba_share/netlogon
	public = no
        writable = no
        ;create mode = 0777 
        ;guest ok = yes  
        ;volume = "Network"
	browseable = no



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And you've done the registry edit to allow plain text passwords?  (I think 
this is required for NT, but I don't know about 98 - possibly not).

Can you send us a copy of your smb.conf file?

At 10:32 AM 2/8/01 +0800, you wrote:
>Thanks for you help but...
>...tried logging into NT using the same user id & password as the one in
>Samba but the error still occur.  Similar problem too with Win98 machines.
>It's driving me NUT!!!
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>Are you logging into Windows NT with the same username as you are using
>with Samba?
>There appears to be a bug in WinNT which will ignore the username you type
>in to connect to your Samba share IF it differs from the username with
>which you logged into Windows.  Note that this is for any SMB share (Samba
>or NT).  The problem appears to be fixed in Win2000 and does not occur in
>all installations of WinNT, so I don't know exactly where or how the bug
>At 05:52 PM 2/7/01 +0800, you wrote:
> >Hi All,
> >
> >I've managed to configure my Samba server in such a way that it is
> >from Microsoft Windows Network but keep getting this invalid
> >username/password error message when I try to map it.
> >
> >Both Samba and NT Server are not in the same domain.
> >
> >Can anybody help?!!
> >
> >
> >-Ben
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University of Tasmania, Australia             Fax: +61-3-63243081

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