Strange problem between clients and SAMBA server

Hoai TRAN HTran at
Wed Feb 7 22:16:14 GMT 2001

I have files many SAMBA file shares on a unix bot and clients are connecting to those file shares.

1. Problem: I can use explorer to view,browse and access files in those file shares without any problems except files on the top level which I can not double click to open them.  Any lower level files are no problem.

2. When I use excel or word (Notepad, wordpad and others have no problem) and click file open to open files in the SAMBA file shares, I get an error the folder g:\ isn't accessible.  The folder may be located on an unavailable volume or protected with a password, but I can still access them using explorer.  However, in the open dialog box, if I type g:\subfolder then I have no problems in accessing files that are in the lower level of directories.

These problems happen in both excel/word 97 & excel/word 2000

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Hoai Tran

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