(Roving Profiles) Re: Win98 login bypass

Paul Simons paul.simons at alstom.esca.com
Wed Feb 7 17:02:21 GMT 2001

Sigh.  Soon I will have Email up at home, where my documentation is.  Hopefully,
the samba gods are watching and will not let me make a complete fool of myself.
If you are logging into the domain (Client for Microsoft networks, account(?)
tab, Log onto Domain selected), then you get roving profiles as well as off-box
validation.  By default, the profile gets stored in the user's home directory on
the Samba server.  I don't use KDE (though I probably should, I'm getting
spoiled by Ximian Gnome), but if it supports Microsoft desktop stuff, there you
go.  The man pages (Hummm, I'm thinking samba.conf?) suggest several alternative
directory strategies in which to store the profile.  The one I settled on was a
".profile" under the home directory.  As long as KDE doesn't get a look directly
at the profile, you shouldn't have this problem.

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> From: David Rankin [mailto:drankin at txucom.net]
> Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2001 19:51
> To: Paul Simons; Samba
> Subject: (Roving Profiles) Re: Win98 login bypass
> Whoa!
> You may have hit on something (a problem I have with Samba) but
> didn't know for
> the life of me what to call it.  Here is the scenario:
> I have Mandrake 7.2 and Samba 2.07 functioning as my server with Win95, Win98
> and WinME clients.  I am the admin. If I am logged into Samba from my
> Win95 box
> and then log in on the Linux box with my same user name, Linux copies
> all of the
> shortcuts from my Win95 Desktop and scatters them across my KDE desktop on the
> Linux box.
> Not knowing what all the garbage on the KDE desktop was I deleted it!
> (mistake)
> Well, when I shutdown and restated my Win95 box (usually required weekly) my
> desktop was GONE! Ok, I poke around a little bit and find that when I deleted
> everything from my KDE desktop on the Linux box, somehow a folder
> named "trash"
> (not Recycle Bin) was created on my Win95 desktop and all of the Win95 desktop
> shortcuts ended up in the folder.
> That found, restoring the desktop was simply a drag&drop from "trash" back to
> the desktop.
> I have no idea what caused this to happen.  Does this have something
> to do with
> the roving profile? If not, any ideas on what caused the above
> strange behavior?
> Gremlins?

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