UNIT to NT connect

Mike Dawson mdawson at totton.ac.uk
Wed Feb 7 11:47:19 GMT 2001

See the smbmount manual page.

You should be able to do something like 'mount -t smbfs -o user=x,password=y //server/share /mnt'.

The kernel needs to have smbfs support.  Also, if you're compiling samba yourself it needs to be configured with the --with-smbmount option in order to get the user utilities.

Mike Dawson

On Tue, Feb 06, 2001 at 04:46:54PM -0700, Lund, Duane wrote:
> Howdy List folks,
> The question has been possed to me, Is it possible using SAMBA to enable the
> UNIX box to see, (mount) use NT file shares? I have used and am using SAMBA
> to allow NT boxes to share UNIX disks and want to go the other direction.
> Any light on the subject or pointers to where in the archive would be great.
> I will summarize.
> Thanks,
> duane
> Duane F. Lund      GIS Programmer/Analyst
> dlund at state.mt.us        406-444-5371
> NRIS Montana State Library, Helena MT

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