need for advice

Misha Gorenkin misha at
Wed Feb 7 10:40:25 GMT 2001

 Hello Everyone,
 We seeking technical advice in troubleshooting the Unix file sharing
software Samba 2.0.7. We currently have Samba running on a server which is
running UNIX FreeBSD 4.2 and are attempting to access the shared file space
from computers running Win98.
   We are able to access the Samba shares via win2k but cannot through
Samba.conf seem to be well configured and Win98 passwd file as well. We also
have added the registry entries to Win98 PC.          Basically we can see
files on the server but if we try to execute, delete or rename them it shows
a window saying "Error 1026".

If anyone have any ideas how to solve our problem please let us know.
you in advance.

Misha Gorenkin
System Administrator
Britshorts Ltd


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