Remote access

Mike O'Neill mikeo at
Wed Feb 7 01:57:39 GMT 2001

I'm no expert on this subject but there are probably a few different ways to
do this.  Essentially, you want a "VPN solution", which can come in many
forms.  There are both hardware and software solutions.  Many
routers/firewall/vpn black boxes are capable of doing what you want.  As for
software, one solution is pptpd.  -mike

> I want to be able to allow employees to work from home if they wish. I want
> them to be able to use Word and Excel on their home PC's and allow them to
> have access to their files on my Linux server. Is this possible? If so, how
> can it be done? If not, is there another solution?
> Martin Stacey
> Information Support Manager
> Safcol Australia Pty Ltd

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