Mapping NT Groups to Unix Groups?

James Snow snow at
Tue Feb 6 20:54:31 GMT 2001

Does Samba attempt to do any mapping of NT domain groups to Unix groups?

I have a Linux box which has a suite of directories owned by 'groupA.'
If I create an identically named 'groupA' on my NT domain controller,
add some users to it, but do not create accounts for these users on the
Linux box, when they try to access Samba shares they will be logged in
as the guest account user nobody, group nobody. This makes sense.

But is there any way to have them logged in as nobody:groupA *without*
allowing the entire set of authenticated users to login as members of

Any help would be appreciated. So far my best guess is that this is
roughly what I want. But it's not clear what that is from that listing.


PS: I can create accounts with an invalid shell for the members of
groupA to be mapped to if I have to. I was just hoping to avoid it since
it would mean redundant accounts. :)

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