MS-DOS with Samba ?

The Archimage archimage at
Tue Feb 6 18:35:34 GMT 2001

Do you want the Linux and SCO machines to access the DOS machine's hard
drive, or do you want the DOS machine to be able to see shared files on
the SAMB and SCO hosts?

I don't know of any good DOS software that lets the DOS machine act as a
server.  I think LANTastic does this using SMB, but I have not heard
good things about it.

If you want the DOS machine to act as a client, get these two files:

You will also need the real mode DOS or Windows for Workgroups driver
for your network card.

Hope this helps.

The Archimage

Jean-Paul Brodier wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to share an MS-DOS machine with my Linux and SCO machines.
> I continue using a schematics programme and a PCB programme under
> MS-DOS, because either I have not found any equivalent under Linux, or I
> can't afford taking the time to learn a new one.
> When I say MS-DOS, I mean without Windoze; I don't use any flavour of
> Windows and don't want to.
> My problem is that I couldn't find any programme to take advantage of
> SMB without Windoze.
> Does anyone know of some such thing?
> Thanks in advance.
> --
> [Jean-Paul /]$ shutdown -h now

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