w2000 and Samba in a workgroup

jan.franken at hammer-ac.de jan.franken at hammer-ac.de
Tue Feb 6 11:46:15 GMT 2001

My debian samba server 'Jerry' is running in a windows 2000 workgroup
called 'METATRON'. Jerry has kernel-version 2.2.17. 
I use the samba server for 10 printers.
Jerry has two network cards.

My problem is that i could not connect after few hours to Jerry via samba. 
Telnet and ping is possible. If I change smbd-status to run as daemon into 
start from inetd it will work for few hours. But after a few hours i have the
same problem, an i mußt change smbd back to daemon to see Jerry again in my 

I think something in my smb.conf file is wrong. 
Can someone help me.
I have not much know-how about linux and it's my first samba

Sorry for my bad english :-)

My smb.conf file:

        workgroup = METATRON
        server string = Samba Jerry
        encrypt passwords = Yes
        debug level = 10
        map to guest = Bad User
        guest ok = yes
        socket options = TCP_NODELAY
	#log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m
        os level = 69
        dns proxy = No
        printing = bsd
        load printers = yes
        preferred master = no
        announce as = Win95
        local master = no
	#interfaces =,
	#erlaubt nur netz 4 und 5
	#hosts allow = ,


!!! Thank You !!!                                    

Jan Franken

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