Mounting samba shares

Christopher Robison eeyore at
Mon Feb 5 23:10:24 GMT 2001

Hi Chris,

I had this exact same problem, and have solved it, sorta -- though not with
mount.  I use smbmount for this.

In the man page for smbmnt (used by smbmount), it suggests that it is meant
to be installed setuid root. It wasn't on my system. I set it (anyone know
of any security problems with this?) and smbmount works.  I use a mount
point under my user directory, and have the command in my Gnome startup so
it only runs when I log in.


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> Hi,
> I'm trying to mount samba shares onto the file system, but at the moment
> i only seem to be able to mount them as root. I've tried changing the
> permissions on the mount point and even mounting it on a subdir of my
> home directory but mount just keeps telling me that only root can do
> this. I've put an entry for the mount in /etc/fstab with the user
> option, what have i missed?
> I'm using samba 2.0.7 on RedHat 7, help would be much appreciated.
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