Getting Samba to work with Win2000

Urban Widmark urban at
Mon Feb 5 21:08:02 GMT 2001

On Mon, 5 Feb 2001, Chris Hubbard wrote:

> I'm currently using Samba 2.0.7 to try to establish shares that I can access
> from my Win2000 Professional box.  I'm pretty sure everything is configured
> right.  I tried to make my shares accessible just by browsing since I read
> that Win2000 and SMB don't get along when it comes to password
> authentication.  My problem is when I try to browse the shares that my samba
> server has created.  I get "The account is not authorized to log in from
> this station".  I've read everywhere I could and tried everything I could to


NT4SP3(?) and higher want encrypted passwords or else they give that error 
message. You need to enable this (smbpasswd or join the domain).

If you are trying to access as guest you may need to enable a switch for
that (bad user/bad password, see smb.conf).


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