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Olaf Solutions samba at
Sun Feb 4 21:15:16 GMT 2001

I just set up Samba to act as a PDC for Windows Clients.

I changed the network settings in the clients to log onto to the domain.
Everything with the domain login work ok. I asked myself "what is
advantage of using a domain configuration vs. a workgroup setup in samba?"

Control over shares and more security right ?

I cancelled the login process instead of loging into the domain. I
couldn't access any shares except public ones. I said ok this good. This
is what I want.

Then I disabled the "Login to domain" option in Windows ME and rebooted.
I logged back into Windows with a valid Windows user name. I can still
access the samba shares.

Isn't there a way to configure samba to only allow access if the client
logs in the domain.

If not, am I misunderstanding the purpose of a PDC ?

Is the only advantage the ability to run login scripts ?

Thanks in advance,

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