easy access to root home dir.

Olaf Solutions samba at olafsolutions.com
Sun Feb 4 19:47:06 GMT 2001

Hey Guys,

I have samba running on a Debian linux system. Its the latest release of
samba. I noticed that when I log in to a Windows system and I go to
net. neighborhood, i see the home dir for the user that I am logged in as.

I logged out and logged in with another user name. I still see the
previous users home dir. and also the current users home dir. I still have
read access to the previous home directory.

So I tried access any other valid home directory and I had no problem.

The scary part is that I tried \\samba_server\root and it worked. I can
access any users home dir in the /etc/passwd file. Im sure this isn't
wanted by most Samba Admins.

I thought I prevented this with invalid users option

What configuration option prevents this ??

I just read the using samba book about 3 times and couldn't find any way
to fix this problem.


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