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Hi Daniel,
No, you don't need passwords for the unix users that are going to access
files via samba; assuming that they are not going to also get in thru telnet
or something;
should be able to set up users like:

user1:*:uid:gid:Samba user:/dev/null:/dev/null

Hope this helps,

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Well, I found a DOMAIN_MEMBER.txt doc in the
source tree and it does look like I have to have
a user on the Sun box for every user in the NT
domain that wants to access shares on the Sun box.

So, do I have to set passwords for the users on
the Sun box?  I wouldn't think so since I'm
authenticating against an NT domain.


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Cool, looks like it worked?

# ./smbpasswd -j dom01 -r domdev00
2001/02/02 13:59:30 : change_trust_account_password: Changed password for
domain DOM01.
Joined domain DOM01.

So what is the password?

And does that mean that I have to have the same userid
exist on the Sun Solaris Samba box as I do on the NT
domain _if_ users need to get to the Samba shares?

Would I use smbpasswd to add each user?

Thanks again!


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