Samba download-speed ok, upload not

Munsterman, Kevin KMunsterman at
Fri Feb 2 21:32:06 GMT 2001

just looking back and found this interesting also was wondering if this test
was preformed using explorer then try to do the same upload from a dos
command on the same system as i believe that it has something to do with
win98 explorer.a dos copy to and from a share on the server should be about
the same speed both ways

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Thorsten Hock wrote:
> i have a problem with my samba-server (V2.0.7) on Suse 7.0.
> I am using a Win98SE-client connected via 100MBit to the Samba-server.
> Transfer-speed from the server to the client is OK, about 5MByte/s,
> transfer speed from the client to the server is about half the speed.
> With ftp, i get the same speed (5MB/s) for put und get, so i think
> it´s a problem with samba.

	Ok, that sounds likely, but just to check, did you
	do the ftp tests from the win98 machine?

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