SAMBA Really Slow

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Fri Feb 2 20:56:55 GMT 2001

John Supplee wrote:
| I just installed RedHat 7.0 on what was an NT server.  The unit will
| primarily be used to serve files to Windows clients.  My problem is
| Samba is chewing up a lot of processor cycles to the point that it
| unusable an SMB file server.

Can you fake up a script that does 60 ftp's of the same-size
files?  This will tell us if it's a Samba problem (probbaly
specific to the particular application) or if its something
like an ethernet card pooping out under load.

You might also try changing the script to do 60 "gets" with

	if ftp is slow too, it's probably the network
	if ftp is fast, then 
		if smbclient is slow, it's samba
		if smbclient is slow, it's something else

Ps: what was the application?

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