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Fri Feb 2 16:32:22 GMT 2001

What I had to do is make SAMBA the PDC and have my nt server a MEMBER server
joined to the domain.  All my users exist on the samba machine and
apparently when I try to connect to shares on the nt server it looks up my
password on the unix server
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> Hi
> I would like to not have to setup all the NT users on my network with
> mirrored names and passwords on our SUN SOLARIS 2.7 machine. There would
> appear to be a way of doing this but nothing seems to work. I understand
> that I would have to setup a guest account on the UNIX machine, but when I
> try this, and try to map a UNIX dry from WINDOWS explorer, I am asked for
> the password. I am using WIN95. Any pointers would be appreciated.
> Regards
> David Allan
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