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John Supplee John at
Thu Feb 1 22:51:03 GMT 2001

I just installed RedHat 7.0 on what was an NT server.  The unit will
primarily be used to serve files to Windows clients.  My problem is that
Samba is chewing up a lot of processor cycles to the point that it is
unusable an SMB file server.

The primary application which it is serving files for opens up a bunch of
files (around 60) when it first starts and it seems to be here where Samba
is running very slowly.  It does not seem to be a memory problem as there is
a lot of free memory available while this is happening.

System looks like this:
Pentium Processor @ 233 MHz
128 MB RAM
IDE Hard Drive with an "hdparm -t ..." transfer rate of about 8 MB/sec

Any thoughts before I blow Linux off and make it a Windows box again.  Ugh!



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