Daemon, Password

Tony Nakamura tony at uickarate.com
Thu Feb 1 18:23:24 GMT 2001

OK, I re-installed the source, but same symptom.
I have to learn how to ask questions... Sorry for being vague..
smbd -D and nmbd -D both detach from the command shell,
but they just don't run.  I have /var/log/samba/ set in
smb.conf for the logs, but I don't see anything in there...



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>   Now that you have uninstalled the RPMS, where did your distribution come
> from, source?  If so, you may need to reinstall because the RPM uninstall
> have removed libraries.
>   Also, can you be more specific on the "not able to start"?  Does that
> that they detach from the cmd shell, but exit, or that they never detach
> the command shell.  If they detach and then exit, do you have anything in
> your smb and nmb log files?

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