McEldowney, Michael MMcEldowney at deltaregional.com
Thu Feb 1 18:04:07 GMT 2001

create a file in your /etc/xinetd directory called swat (touch
/etc/xinetd/swat), then open it and put in this:

# default: off
# description: SWAT is the Samba Web Admin Tool. Use swat \
#	       to configure your Samba server. To use SWAT, \
#	       connect to port 901 with your favorite web browser.
service swat
	port	= 901
	socket_type	= stream
	wait 	= no
	only_from = localhost
	user	= root
	server	= /usr/sbin/swat
	log_on_failure	+= USERID
	#disable = yes

If you are using the 2.0.7 version of SAMBA installed from rpm, this
file should already be there.  The trick is to comment out(or remove)
the "disable=yes" line as I did above.  After you do edit it, be sure to
start/stop xinetd (I found that restarting it doesn't work very well...)



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You should update the SWAT doc page (swat8.html).
I bought a RedHat distribution, and I spend a log time
to try to make SWAT work.

Actually, RH 7.0 uses xinetd, not inetd. And the syntax
is very different... I havn't succeeded yet to make SWAT
work. I'd like to get a translation of the line I was supposed
to add in inetd.conf.

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