Daemon, Password

Toshihide Tony Nakamura tony at uickarate.com
Thu Feb 1 17:37:12 GMT 2001


I guess I will be responding to my own thread.
I was not able to start smbd and nmbd daemon
by the method introduced by the document. 
However, I was able to use the command
/usr/sbin/samba {stop|start}
to start the daemon.  Only thing I don't understand
is whether this command was installed when I installed
samba from tar, or it came with RedHat 7.0 because I 
remember that I installed it @ RH install time.

I have another problem.  I tried to map a network drive
from Win98, and it seems to be connecting to Samba server,
but I am getting an invalid password error.  I tried to change
the password level parameter for smb.conf but not effect.

I'd appreciate any help.  



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