Printing from 98 to Samba printer and job spools locally never be ing released...

Stott, Trevor StottT at
Thu Feb 1 16:54:28 GMT 2001

I've looked in the archives with many frustrations due to a lack of search
capabilities so forgive me if this has already been covered.

I have a number of 98 clients that stop releasing print jobs to the samba
queue sporatically.  Once this problem starts the only way to fix it seems
to be reboot not too surprisingly.  We had a Novell print server and never
encountered this problem before...  Any ideas?

The printer is an HP8100N
other clients are unaffected at the same point in time
Client is windows 98
server is Tru64 UNIX
samba is 2.0.6
printcap and samba entrys are fine via testprn
client cal ftp directly to printer and deposite the job
client can ping the printer
client can ping the server
client can see other shares on the server.

Any help is appreciated!
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