sudden browsing problem

Alin Osan aline at
Thu Feb 1 08:06:54 GMT 2001

On 31 Jan 2001, at 17:21, Leszek Cieplinski wrote:

> Dear all,
> We have a network with a mixture of Linux, Solaris, NT and 98
> machines, with all the UNIX boxes running samba 2.0. We do not have
> any WINS server and the clients are configured accrodingly. Recently,
> browsing stopped working for no apparent reason. Going to NN results
> in empty list, sometimes 1 machine is listed, sometimes a few. Any
> ideas as to what might have caused this?
> Cheers,
>   Leszek
> --
> Dr. Leszek Cieplinski
> Research Engineer
> Mitsubishi Electric ITE-VIL 

WINS service would be a good idea for win98/NT. Are you sure you 
don't have hardware problems?

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