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On Fri, 29 Sep 2000 16:23:21 +0200, Loic Mahe' wrote:

>> It may help, but you don't need to: Just edit C:\WIN95\HOSTS on
>> machineA and add a line like
>> machineB

>That's a solution, but I have ~15 clients machines and I want to
>avoid this.

I guess you want get around doing something to all machines.

>BTW, my original message stated something slightly wrong ; I said :
>> If machine A starts while machine B is not alive, machine A
>> makes a DNS lookup to find machine B. I watched this with
>> tcpdump :
>> 13:18:50.402972 machineA.netbios-ns ISPprimaryDNS.domain : 48+ A? 
>> machineB (34)
>The lookup is not DNS ("domain") but netbios-ns.

I disagree on this: The lookup is directed to host ISPprimaryDNS, port 
domain, so it _is_ a DNS lookup.

>I want really to use Samba to solve the problem ...

You can try this one: Set up Samba as a WINS server.

    wins support = yes
    name resolve order = wins lmhosts hosts bcast

Do NOT set up "wins server = ..."!

Add all possible machine names to your /etc/hosts.

Direct your Win machines to use your samba machine as a WINS server 
(you'll have to do this an every machine). Fill in both fields 
(primary and secondary WINS server) with the same IP address (there is 
a known bug in some windows versions in case only one address is given 
for WINS).

Now your machines should be able to resolve all local names from Samba 
and no longer try to resolve these names at the external DNS.


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