Samba and default router

Loic Mahe' mahe at
Fri Sep 29 16:23:41 GMT 2000


Thanks for your answer.

> Maby you can deny outgoing packages using a packet filter.
> Just deny every outgoing netbios packages that wan't to walk the
> internet.
> This is a good thing anyway...
> Take a look at ipchains for 2.2.x kernels or ipfwadm for 2.0.x kernels.

Hmmm. I don't think that it will be useful for me, since the Linux
box is NOT driving the modem. It is the Internet Sharing Box (ISB 100)
that does the job. Indeed, you can do some filtering on this little
box, but not netbios-ns. :-(

Here is the network :

Win95     Linux
  |         |


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